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scrapped plans for three events -- in three states after visiting fema yesterday. fema workers will run the nerve center and coordinate the government's response to the storm. meantime mitt romney is campaigning in the midwest out of the storm's path. romney campaigned in the crucial battle gun state of ohio yesterday instead of in -- battleground state of ohio yesterday instead of virginia. he did call off events in new hampshire for tomorrow >> stock market is closed, regulators decided to shutdown the new york stock exchange the dow jones or the new york stock exchange because of the threat posed to manhattan and the nasdaq. last time the stock exchange was closed was 9/11. most mass transit in new york city shutdown making it nearly impossible for traders to get to work. regulators considering another shutdown tomorrow that decision has not been made. stay with abc7 news we are continuing coverage of hurricane sandy. "good morning america" will have a special live west coast edition at 7:00, to cover hurricane sandy. >>> should we show 'em now? >> yeah. >> here are the headlines thi
firefighters were rehired using a $15 million grant from fema. the new recruits will bring the department back to 683 firefighters, just shy of what the department had four years ago. >>> in lafayette the 120 day grace period for massage parlor to become state certified ends monday. police say they will begin enforcing compliance right away to fight businesses that operate as a front for prostitution. a new ordinance requires that all massage therapists and practitioners operating in lafayette be certified with the california massage therapy council. sole practitioners and business owners must register every year with brings. masseuses who are not already state certified will be required to undergo background checks. >>> today in san francisco's chinatown people will get the chance to become familiar with free services on public safety, consumer fraud, healthcare, house, a whole variety of legal resources. it's the eighth annual chinatown resource fair. hosted by the san francisco attorney's office. all the services will be explained in person from 11 this morning until 2 this afternoon. it is
he and his cabinet members will hold conference calls to make sure fema and other federal agencies are doing everything possible to help with the recovery. he said he wants to avoid the problems experienced in the hurricane katrina disaster. >>> ordered that resources be made available to states in the path of the storm as soon as they needed them. and i instructed my team not to let red tape and burr rock case k -- bureaucracy get in the waive solving problems. especially when it came to making sure local utilities could restore power as quickly as possible. >> following the meeting they will fan out and visit storm-damaged areas throughout the region to see if resources are being provided. >> san francisco is breaking ground today on a new north beach library. the city librarian and others will be on hand for the 11:00 ceremony at columbus and lombard. north beach residents will celebrate the new library project with performers and other musical entertainment. construction of the new branch library in north beach is funded by a $106 million voter-approved bond measure. furniture
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3